Today, we shared the long-form video documenting the making of our new album “One Lost Day.”

Watch it here: YouTube OR Vimeo

About the Video
“It’s LIVE! Although we’ve dreamed it in the past, this special video release about the making of “One Lost Day” wasn’t our idea… it took a very special film maker to bring this project to fruition! She was our fly on the wall, our friend with a camera and our attitude adjuster just by her sheer presence. This is an honest view into our process and our musical evolution as we worked with producer Jordan Hamlin- rehearsing, arranging, singing, playing, and recording the new music- the digital 1’s and 0’s of our life were going down for better or worse. Sometimes awkward and embarrassing in its revelations, we decided to let this film roll and show our days as they really existed in all their goofiness, grumpiness, ecstasy, stubbornness, musicality and creativity!

We have endless gratitude to Kathlyn Horan from Tin Fish Films for showing up every day and making this happen. Not only does this film tell a story that brings our new songs to life for the listener, but personally, it helps Emily and me to remember and celebrate a thoroughly intense and satisfying moment in our career.”

– Amy Ray

Fan Q&A
We also want you to be a part of this process – so we’re asking fans to submit questions they have about our new album “One Lost Day,” the recording process, or really anything you wanna know about the Indigo Girls. We’ll pick some questions and answer them next week for you. In the meantime, you can ask your questions by tagging #OneLostDay on Twitter / Instagram, and watch our Facebook page on Friday 8/7 to get your questions in. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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