Dear Everyone,

On Tuesday, May 14th, and Wednesday, May 15th, I will be at the Lee Arrendale State Prison, recording with the Voices of Hope, and my friend, the chaplain of the prison and choir director, Susan Bishop.

Chaplain Bishop is making 2 separate cd’s with the Voices, one which is a gospel/inspirational collection, the other which is a Christmas album. The cd’s will be released later in the year, with all proceeds going to support various ministry and outreach to the women’s prison population at Lee Arrendale. Some of you may recall that the last cd I recorded with the Voices of Hope raised money for the Children’s Center at the prison, which was then located at Metro.

I am particularly pleased that we will be recording a version of ‘There’s Still My Joy’ , a beautiful holiday song that Amy and I put on “Holly Happy Days’.

I will keep you all updated on release information, but wanted you to know that I am honored and inspired to be involved again with the Voices of Hope.

Music changes everything it touches.

Happy Spring and Early Summer!

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