Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the support for our summer tour. We’re trying some new things and we’ll keep on tweaking our songs and sounds until we get it all fine tuned, so we appreciate everyone that showed up and listened to new musical ideas.

We ended the summer with a couple of cool events. For the very first time, we played with the backing of a symphony orchestra! Thanks to the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra for joining us and giving us such a beautiful experience. I recognized so many folks in the audience-a lot of long time IG supporters and it was just really cool that you came out.

We had an extremely fun and successful Honor the Earth benefit at the old Town Hall in Provincetown. Honor the Earth’s work continues and is stronger than ever and we are proud of the grants we made this past year to Native groups working on Energy Justice, Youth Leadership, and Building Resilience within the community. Honor The Earth

Here’s a photo that our activist friend Susan Alzner took of the finale with Lucy Wainwright Roche, Zoe Lewis, and Roxanne Layton.


One of the main focuses at HTE is still encouraging and funding projects that move towards sustainable energy. There’s been a lot of talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Tar-sands oil development up in Canada. I came across this really informative article in Esquire Magazine. So if you wanna read about the Tar-sands, hit this link:

We have another symphony show in Dallas, TX at the end of August, and a few strewn throughout September. And we’ll keep these going as long as we’re able. October-November will see another tour with The Shadowboxers who will be opening the show and backing us up for our set. If you haven’t seen this yet, I hope you’ll give it a try. These shows are a total blast for us, and a fresh experience.


On a personal solo Amy Ray note, I’d love to mention that I will be playing Atlanta PRIDE on October 14th with my solo band. Atlanta PRIDE is always a special event with a great balance of community, celebration, and activism.
Hope you can be there!

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