I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Ladies’ Rock Camp, Atlanta, which helped to raise funds for the Girls’ Rock Camp. I basically led a mini-seminar on song writing in which we discussed things like structure, chords, lyrics, rhythm, and genre. But first the women told us why they had come to Ladies’ Rock Camp, and most of them had come to pursue a love of music that they had set aside when other things in life took their time, like finding a job, or raising a family.

Girls’ Rock Camp provides that creative outlet for young girls, so that they can be mentored and inspired and free to express themselves musically at a very pivotal point in the development of their lives. They get a chance to rock before life gets too busy! And, who knows, they may just keep on rocking for the rest of their lives. When Amy and I were growing up, there were very few women mentors for rock music. It was solely a man’s world. Now with Girls’ Rock Camps sprouting up, girls have a chance to really find their voices and to rock freely and forge their own paths. It is truly revolutionary!

So, please spread the word about camp, or sponsor a young girl you know, or send your kid!

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