I am currently in San Francisco. I just had an incredibly healthy and tasty meal at Gratitude-yummy!

This is the first installment in a series of scenes from the rehearsal, arrangement, and recording sessions for the making of Poseidon AndThe Bitter Bug. The video camera was passed around from tripod to hand to hand. Everyone pitched in to document a bit here and there. I will be posting in the order in which it was shot. I haven’t even seen all the tapes, so I will be discovering just what we have as I go.

My iMovie skills have a slow learning curve, but I think these videos in their raw form will shed some light on our album making process.

To set this up a bit, at this point, Emily and I have spent a month alone arranging the songs, and then a week with Mitchell Froom tweaking our duo arrangements and experimenting with keyboard parts. The videos begin during the process of fine tuning our arrangements even more and bringing our bass player, Clare Kenny into the musical scene. (All apologies to Clare for starting our filming process while she’s in the hot seat.) Matt Chamberlain will be joining us on drums when we hit the recording studio.

We had worked on the song “Digging For Your Dream” the day before this series starts, but that tape got corrupted….Hopefully, we will see some footage later of where that song ended up.

In this first scene, Emily, Mitchell, Clare, and I are working on “Sugar Tongue.” feeling the fire in a big way.

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