It’s late; I got sidetracked by the spelling bee on TV. Whew that was tense, but very fulfilling.Now I fully understand the limitations of my spelling knowledge, not to mention word derivation, those kids are unbelievable. I’m quickly putting this together, so there can be something new floating out there from the annals of my recording studio documentation. But first…

The May tour was super! The food drive is gaining momentum and at this point we have collected nearly 2 Tons of food plus financial donations to distribute an additional 28 tons more. You are all really doing your part.


We enjoyed the music and company of some excellent opening acts – Matt Morris, Anais Mitchell, and Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines.

Here’s a little video of Salty South with Lloyd on Dobro, and Terri on Harp and vocals.

Okay, here’s the next installment in our series of Poseidon And The Bitter Bug studio sessions. In this arrangement session, we are working on a song by Emiily – "I’ll Change."

Here is what we find: Mitchell Froom expounding upon his vision for the song; Amy taking as many written notes as she can; Clare playing some stunningly gorgeous bass in a very cool way; and Emily singing and playing her way through the song with songbird clarity. You might notice that some of the harmonies did not end up on the CD; they were too busy. You also might notice that we put an instrumental break in the acoustic version of this song, which featured Allison Brown on guitar. Those are things we haven’t sorted out at this early stage, but it’s pretty clear where we’re headed.

More next week 🙂

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