Hi Everyone,

I wanted to you know about a project I’ve recently been involved with.I have a friend, Susan Bishop, who is the chaplain at the Metro State Women’s Prison in Atlanta. She also directs the gospel choir at the prison. The name of the choir is ‘Voices of Hope’. Susan asked me to help them record a cd and release it to the public. The proceeds of sales of the cd would benefit the Children’s Center at the Metro State Prison.

The Children’s Center is a place where kids can be with their moms in a nurturinand educational environment. The center also provides outreach and counseling to parents and kids whose moms are incarcerated.

Last November, the Voices of Hope gave a concert at Emory University’s Cannon Chapel that was recorded live and made into a cd. I have witnessed first hand the transformative power of music in these women’s lives, and in my life as well. I fully believe in the vision and work of the Children’s Center and many inmates have testified as to how the center has positively affected their lives and the lives of their children.

Please consider purchasing this cd and helping to expand the work of the Children’s Center. I love gospel music, and I love this cd. I think you will, too.

Thanks for your consideration, as always.

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