Join Indigo Girls’ Green Team!

We need your help! We are trying to make our tour as environmentally friendly as possible, and this means we want to be sure our recyclable cans and bottles are actually recycled and not just thrown in the landfill.

In exchange for two tickets to one of the shows listed below, we ask that you pick up our recyclables (1-2 bags of glass, aluminum, and plastic) at the end of the night and ensure that they get recycled either through your community’s curbside recycling program or through a local recycling center.

Already have tickets to the show? We’ll be sure to get you something special for your efforts such as an autographed poster or t-shirt.

Email with your name, phone number, and what show you can help with. Please include "Green Team" in your subject line as well as the city
name. Please note that we can not respond to all inquiries.

Thanks for your support!

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