Well now that we’re heading into August, I am thinking back on the June tour and how much fun it was. Brandi Carlile and her band – the Twins and Josh – toured around the West with us.

It really helped to have the infusion of fresh energy. We played “Last Tears” and Brandi’s song “Cannonball.” We also pulled out some obscure tunes to learn, including “Hope Alone,” “World Falls,” and acoustic versions of “Tried to Be True” and “Rock And Roll Heaven’s Gate” plus my favorite – a cover of “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.” There’s more to come in August.

We ended July by filming a show in Atlanta at one of our old faves – The Roxy. Three5Human and Brandi joined us for a marathon set of 29 songs. The show is going to be broadcast on HDnet and we’re going to make a DVD to be released sometime next year.

While on tour, we spent a lot of time practicing these songs in various dressing rooms, but still took some time out to go to the Bowling Alley.

Phil, Tim and Brandi
Dave, Phil and Carla

I lost a bet to Brian, our soundman. We have developed a betting relationship and I am in the hole right now by about 10 bucks. I documented everyone’s scores for posterity. As you can see, Emily, the Twins (Phil and Tim), and Josh pretty much cornered the game. I lost my bet to Brian – beat me double or nothing on this last score. Sullie won the big prize though for bowling left handed since her right thumb was broken.

Score 1
Score 2
Score 3

After we bowled a few games, we had fun in the arcade. Here are Tim, Carla, and Dave trying their skills on the dance machine. I want one of these for my house…

Tim, Carla and Dave

I put a little movie together of our dressing room rehearsals. If you ask me, these are some of the highlights of touring with friends. If you watch this, you’ll see why. Thanks to Russell and Carla for helping me do the filming.

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