I attended the School of Americas’ protest on November 19th, accompanied by Becky Bodonyi, our new and amazing political liaison from RCAM. The weather was cold and crisp and, once again, the gathering was an inspiring group of thousands and thousands from all over who came to sing, to pray, to remember, and to shut down this school at Ft. Benning that teaches torture, death, and destruction.

One of the most powerful things about this protest gathering is the wide variety of groups and people who attend, not only to protest, but to actually sing the names of those who have been tortured, murdered or disappeared in Latin America. There are atheists and anarchists and agnostics and socialists, communists, capitalists and Christians and Jews from different congregations and synagogues. There are people from all walks of faith. There are community groups, grandmothers, and individuals that claim no affiliation but that a member of the human family, concerned about all of our brothers and sisters. When such diverse groups of people and individuals come together – groups that might, for lack of understanding, be at odds with each other – to unite in a common cause, I truly feel in my bones that the world can change for the better. That we can lay down our weapons and engage in dialogue and promote peace through a desire to see human dignity fully recognized. Through our activism we embrace the sacredness of life.

Thank you all for your attention and interest, as together we continue to work for peace.

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