Hey everyone –

Well, we’ve been out with the band for 3 weeks now. The music feels great. It’s jelling and we’re starting to learn more songs and mix up the set a bit. Thanks for being such a great crowd out there. We feel the love!

We’re still filling up with bio-diesel as much as we can as we trek across the country. I can feel the excitement growing as the midterm elections come around the bend. We just played Ohio, and cycling through Columbus, I saw all the yard signage and it’s a hotbed of political activity as usual. Tonight we’ll be rocking in Cleveland and that’s a town that knows how to rock.

I together a little video of some highlights so far. This one is a little lacking in technical finesses, but it’s meant to be a glimpse, nothing more.

We had an especially interesting night in Toronto. While opening band Three5Human was playing, the monitor caught on fire. I missed that one. Our production manager did catch us busking on the sidewalk. We ran up against a curfew (big money fine) and had to leave off "Galileo", so we played it acoustically after the show.

The Weepies, Roman Candle, and Arizona played with us for the first couple of weeks. Danielle Howle came and played a tune in South Carolina. When we started the sun was shining and it was like springtime down South. Now we’re watching the leaves turn and Three5Human is rocking along for the next week of shows.

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