Hello everyone,

We head into rehearsals next week for the ‘Despite Our Differences’ tour with full band. Matt Chamberlain on drums, Clare Kenny on bass, Carol Isaacs on keys, and, of course, me and Amy. We’ll be focusing on the new songs and also throwing in a smattering of older ones, hopefully a good
representation of our discography.

We wanted to let you know that on August 31st and September 1st, we had two really special nights playing at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur to raise money and awareness for two very special causes. The first night was organized to raise money for Janet McLaughlin, one of our beloved Atlanta music scene community members throughout the years. Janet suffered a very serious brain aneurysm and was left with, not only trying to regain her life, but also a stack of medical bills. We came together to help her out. Matthew Kahler started the show, always an Atlanta favorite, followed by Sandra McCracken from Nashville. Sandra is a wonderful singer songwriter with a strong, clear voice and memorable songs. After that, Trina and Tomi from 3/5 human took the stage and blew us all away with their combination of soulfulness and musicality. Dianne Durrett dropped in for an acapella song, and then Amy and I finished the evening with a short set that focused on new songs. Through ticket sales and donations, Janet took home a check for $4,710.00 which she was thrilled about.

On September 1st, we had a Writers in the Round evening to raise money for GNESA. GNESA, the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault, is a non-profit coalition of sexual assault agencies and concerned individuals that share the common goal of ending sexual assault. For more information on them and the work they are currently undertaking, please visit their website at

On this evening, Amy and I were joined by the fabulous Brandi Carlile who rocked the house, especially with her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. Cara Page, an outstanding poet and activist shared her written word on subjects that affect us all: sexism, racism, war, power, and hope. Katz from Athen’s Boys Choir did two spoken word pieces that made us all feel the internal beat of the message without any beat at all. With ticket sales, donations, and the silent auction, GNESA took a check for $7,681.38, much needed funds for their important work.

So, it was great to be home, and great to come together for the sake of the community. I am again reminded of the power of music as a healing force to help mend the brokenness of this world.

Thanks to all of y’all out there who help us keep it going.

Launch of the New Website

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