Hi everyone.

We just got back from playing the Newport Folk Festival on a beautiful, clear day, capping off about a month’s worth of summer touring. Thanks to each and every one of you who came to the shows, it was a really great tour. Part of the beauty of the tour was, as usual, our opening acts. We had Danielle Howle, Michelle Malone, and Three 5 Human out with us on this particular run. Danielle also joined us onstage for versions of “Closer To Fine”, “Kid Fears” and “Let It Ring”. Michelle brought her stomp box and took it all up a notch, joining us on “Chickenman”, “Closer To Fine”, “Get Out The Map”, “Ozilline” and others. She sounds better than ever, and it was great to have our old friend back with us. It has been a long while since we toured together. Then Three 5 Human came and turned it into a rock show. We jammed together on “Compromise”, “Trouble” and “Midnight Train To Georgia”. Trina also sang vocals on “Closer To Fine” and rocked the house on “Kid Fears”, and Amy joined them during their set for a blazing rendition of one of their new songs, soon to be released on their upcoming cd. We were also glad to have Alix Olsen join us for our show in Saratoga.

We started in the northwest and ended up in Connecticut, covering a lot of ground in between and a couple of pretty serious thunderstorms, one in Lowell Mass that shut the show down early (we hated that!) and one in Minneapolis. Fortunately, we were able to continue with that show. We had two amazing nights in Minneapolis, the crowd was just electrifying.

We feel grateful to be infused with new energy, a new record label (Hollywood Records, for those of you who don’t know), and you out there who truly keep us going. Thank you for listening to the new songs, even in their rough forms, and thanks for bringing your kids. If you stick around long enough as a band, pretty soon the original fans have kids, turn them on to the music, and, as a result, we get to keep on playing.

We’ll be out with a full band, starting late September and into November, traipsing all across the country, I’m sure. The focus will be on the new record, but we’ll keep playing plenty of old ones as well. We’re also fortunate to have Clare Kenny on bass, Carol Isaacs on keys, and for the first time, Matt Chamberlain on drums. He played on “Despite Our Differences”. You’re going to love him. Coming along for the ride will be Brandi Carlile, Bitch, and Three 5 Human.

A new website design is on the way as well, so keep a lookout for it.

Thanks again for your inspiring support. It feels great to be out there again with a batch of fresh songs, a band on the way, great support acts, and all of you!

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