Sorry about the rain…

Hey to everyone that came out to the Lowell, Mass. show, we are super bummed that we didn’t get to keep playing. The power supply was sitting in little ponds of water and then went down for the count. Usually we can play through the rain, so we were as surprised as y’all. The Park Service sends their apologies as well. I loved the gathering and what time we did have went swimmingly well… hmmm… I wish I had a picture to illustrate this…

The whole summer tour is going great. The shows have been better than ever and it’s really because of you. There’s something in the air, I think people are trying to come together and make community, and show support for each other. I can hear it in your voices and see it when you’re up dancing.

This Fall is going to be amazing. We have a band going out with us for the first time in years, so there are a lot of songs we’ll get to do that we haven’t been doing. And also, the new record will be represented in a rocking light. Unfortunately, Pink is not in the band, but we’re gonna try and drag her out some where. We’ll still do a lot of acoustic duo music too. This is the best of both worlds for us and we are psyched.

Remember record due date is September 19th.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Emily!

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