Happy Memorial Day-

Little bit of a delay in getting this one out. We are already mixing and things got a little chaotic on the home stretch of tracking. Clare and Matt have departed, so it’s just Emily and me on call to hear mixes and make changes.

We tracked our last vocal on Friday night after a long photo shoot. Pink came over to the studio and sang on “Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate”. She is an amazing singer and we had a great time just listening to her wail. But I am getting ahead of myself because that’s next week’s video log…

This week’s video shows the practice and tracking for an Amy song, “Money Made You Mean”; the drum and bass tracking for “Last Tears”, a new song from Emily; plus a little tidbit of Emily playing slide for my song, “Dirt and Dead Ends”.
Brandi Carlile laid down some guest vocals on “Last Tears” while she was in Atlanta last week. We sent the files over to Glenn Matullo’s studio and he engineered it for us.

So far the mixing has yielded 6 songs and we have 7 to go.

We are outta here by June 4th. Sullie comes and picks all our instruments up June 5th and the mastering happens June 14th. In the meantime, we’ll be getting the artwork together, trying to name the record, and looking through photos-you know all the fun stuff…

Over and out…

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