IG’s signed a new record deal a few days ago with Hollywood Records. We are really excited to have a fresh start and quite frankly, thankful that anyone in the music industry still cares.

Hollywood is a small label with a limited number of artist releases each year. They have the staff and time to focus on each project and are not put off by our politics or our queerness.

It’s been in the works for a while. We went through a long process of weighing our options. I struggled a lot with the corporate ties of Hollywood, they are owned by Disney. But in the end feel good about the decision. Honestly, I was won over by the enthusiasm and willingness to get creative with a contract that offers us things more important than money, i.e. creative freedom and vast opportunities to grow musically. We did weigh this against other offers, including independents, but didn’t find the level of enthusiasm or understanding of our music that Hollywood showed. We did consider putting our own label together, but it just wasn’t in the cards. In the end, we felt that for the Indigo Girls, this was the best road. The deal also allows us to pursue our solo interests and specifically for me, gives me the space to focus on my indie label-Daemon Records.

We are starting our record on April 20th in Los Angeles with producer, Mitchell Froom. He is supercool and has a creative vision that really jives with us right now. I can tell from our initial discussions that he plans to get the most out of us musically and not tinker too much with our basic raw sound.

The songs are written and we’ve been practicing and arranging for weeks. The music is still evolving, but so far, it feels very full of energy and harmonies and all that good stuff. Emily is exploring complex topics and melodies and taking her voice into new places. I hear a lot of soul influences on her new songs. I am exploring 3 chords again, but have been determined to just write the stories and keep it honest. If I try to get tricky, it just feels disingenuous. Emily is bringing a ukulele into the picture and will try her hand on some slide acoustic and more piano. Some songs will be bare bones acoustic and some will be all out electric, but they will all be organic and true.

If all goes according to our plans, the record will be out late August/September. We have a July tour set up, plans to play Newport Folk Festival, and I get to play HomoAgogo this year on August 2nd.

In other artist news…

One of my favorite writers, T Cooper, has come out with a new book called Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes. It’s been described as a “Jewish immigrant/Charles Lindbergh/Eminem novel”… Trust me, T Cooper is great and always compelling. There will be a book tour, so look out for it.

I hear British writer, Sarah waters is also on a book tour. I love her work. We did a reading/music show at a church in England a few years back.

My mentor and friend, Ferron will be offering some writing workshops this summer and fall. This could prove to be the window to your creativity that you have been searching for. Here’s some information:

Ferron & Nine Muses Workshop Retreat (PDF format)

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