Dear Friend,

We are writing today not for money, but to see if you are a member of Working Assets. Our goal is to get nominated for the Working Assets donations program in 2007, and we are trying to get as many of our Honor the Earth supporters to send in nomination forms to the Working Assets office. Only Working Assets members can nominate organizations. We thank you for your time and consideration.

Here is how you can help us reach our goal!

1. Request materials from Honor the Earth (proof of nonprofit status and 2005 annual report with financial statements) by emailing or calling 612-879-7529.

2. Honor the Earth will send a packet to you that you will then send to Working Assets at:

Working Assets Donations Manager
101 Market Street, #700
San Francisco, CA 94105

3. Do all this by June 30, 2006 and help Honor the Earth get nominated for 2007!

Some more information about the Working Assets program:

Since 1985, Working Assets has generated over $50 million for progressive nonprofits, including Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood, Amnesty International and Project Vote, among many others.

Each year Working Assets supports nonprofit groups in five categories: Economic & Social Justice, Environment, Civil Rights, Peace & InternationalFreedom and Education & Freedom of Expression. In 2005 alone, Working Assets raised nearly $4 million in donations for worthy causes.

Every year, a percentage of Working Assets’ revenue is placed in a donations pool for annual distribution. Donations come from the top line (sales),not bottom-line (profits), therefore donations are made whether or not Working Assets makes a profit.

Customers can nominate nonprofit groups to receive funding each year. After an independent foundation evaluates the effectiveness of the hundreds ofnominees, Working Assets employees and board of directors select 50 groups for the annual donations ballot. At the end of the year, customers vote onhow to distribute the donations among the groups.

Customers can voluntarily “round up” their monthly long distance bills, donating the tax-deductible extra amount to Working Assets’ general funding program. Working Assets also makes special appeals for round-ups, addressing immediate needs like emergency relief efforts.

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Honor the Earth

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