Mark your calendars for the week of March 7th. If you watch TV, it will be hard to miss the Indigo Girls performing. Double check scheduled times for your time zone:

Monday, March 8 – The Today Show at 8:45 am
Thursday, March 11 – The View at 11:00 am-12:00 pm
Saturday, March 13 – CBS Saturday Morning 7:00 am – 9:00 am

March 12 or the next week – Charlie Rose
March 14 or 21 – A&E Breakfast for the Arts

You all can guess what I think about the new Indigo Girls album. But don’t take my word for it – read what the critics have to say!

“There’s a lightness about the Indigo Girls’ ninth album, even on the songs about heartbreak. Nineteen years into their career, the duo shows it can still surprise listeners…”
Rolling Stone

“Amy Ray and Emily Saliers’ new CD, All That We Let In,” is another gem in the duo’s prolific career.”
Seattle Post Intelligencer

“While the rest of All doesn’t stray far from their signature acoustics and harmonies, the Girls avoid rehashing the past — impressive after two decades”
Entertainment Weekly B+

“Nine studio albums into their career, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray are still impressive musicians, compelling vocalists and illustrative songwriters.”
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“The title ballad is gorgeously tender, and friskier tunes such as “Fill It Up Again” and “Perfect World” are delivered with a light touch that tempers their heavier sentiments. Who says an old cult favorite can’t learn new tricks?”
USA Today *** out of four

“Like a perfectly worn pair of blue jeans, the Indigo Girls continue to make for a most comfortable fit on their ninth studio album.”
People Magazine *** out of four

“As the Indigo Girls’ body of work grows, their music continues to be impressive. Always glued together by Amy and Emily’s harmonies and a certain knack for memorable, fluid melodies, the Girls’ sound has grown from a compact two-guitar folk assault into full-bodied music that embraces blues, soul, rock and world music.”
Performing Songwriter

“Much like, say, AC/DC, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have deftly cultivated a legacy that’s earned them the right to be utterly impervious to criticism….All That We Let In, their ninth studio record, seems sweeter and breezier than the Girls’ previous few releases, and the record is stronger for it.”

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