Just a note to check in, say hey, thank all y’all for your support throughout the year. Thanks for coming to shows, buying the record, listening to the music, keeping us moving.

Lots of traveling this year, with the tours beginning back in January. We went to Europe and then went back two more times. Three London shows within eight months, that’s a first. I especially remember with fondness the latest London show, in the Chapel with our special guest, author Sarah Waters. It was a thrill to work with Sarah just because I’m a huge fan of her books (if you haven’t read them, you must! Tipping the Velvet, Affinity and Finger Smith). Amy and I invited her to a show earlier in the year, asked her to do a special show with us the next time we returned, and she graciously accepted. We read poetry, historical accounts, excerpts from essays, and Sarah read from her own work. We interspersed the spoken word with songs that related in some way. It was kind of a writer in the round vibe and one of the highlights of our Indigo year. While in Europe, we toured with Pina, and Cara Dillon (both terrific) and John Reynolds (friend/Producer) turned us on to the music of Damien Dempsey, who is kind of like an urban social poet with beautiful, fierce songs and as thick an Irish brogue as you’ll come across — powerful. His record is a must have, and Sinead makes worthy appearances. Speaking of those we toured with, we did a summer U.S. leg with K’s choice and a later leg with just Sarah and Ghert. K’s choice has a new record called “Almost Happy” and Sarah is beginning work on a solo project. Keep your eyes and ears open for that ’cause her new songs that came wafting down the dressing room halls sound awesome.

Amy and I are getting ready to play a few shows in Florida, a Spitfire date in Oxford, MS, then a protest rally at the School of the Americas in Columbus, GA on November 17th.To find out more about School of the Americas, go to More touring will probably take us to the Midwest and thereabouts in February 2003. In the meantime, more songwriting and preparation for the next record which will be our last studio record for Epic Records. We’ll see what happens next.

A few books I’ve recently enjoyed: Hotel du Lac (Brookner), The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Chabon), Six Days of War (non-fiction, Michael B. Oren). And some C.D.’s: “Simple things” (Zero Seven), “Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape” (Meshell Ndegeocello), “Kind of Blue” (Miles Davis). Movies: “Mullholland Drive,” and “Babette’s Feast.” Too many more to mention, really.

So, thanks again y’all. I hope your holiday season is meaningful. We’ll see you on the road.

No war in Iraq! Take it to the streets!

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