Greetings – I want to give everyone an update on the availability of the extra “bonus” tracks that we have mentioned in the past. Epic found that there is interest from several retailers for special gifts associated with pre-orders and purchases of the album so we developed three separate packages as follows:

(1) Amazon – For a limited time only, if you pre-order the album “Become You” from , you get a bonus CD with the following three tracks: (a) She’s Saving Me (guitar and vocals only mix); (b) Starkville (guitar, vocals, harmonica only mix); (c) Laramie (from Amy’s solo record called “Stag” on Daemon Records);

(2) Borders Books & Music – their site, , is serviced by Amazon, so on line you get the same deal as described above for Amazon. However, the Borders stores will offer a separate bonus CD with the purchase of “Become You” that contains the following material: (a) Our Deliverance (guitars, mandolin and vocals only mix); (b) Everything In Its Own Time (board mix from the Atlanta Ballet performance at the Fox in Atlanta on October 20, 2001 matinee); (c) Johnny Rottentail (from Amy’s solo record called “Stag” on Daemon Records);

(3) Coalition of independent retail music stores – the website is You can go there and get a coupon for a limited edition CD with the following three tracks: (a) Hope Alone (without strings); (b) Bitterroot (bass, drums, vocals only mix); (c) Late Bloom (from Amy’s solo record called “Stag” on Daemon Records). The site lists all of the independent stores that are participating in the program. The coupon will not be available until the week of the release.

We are about to put a new sticker, a package of cool coasters and a limited edition promo tour T-shirt on our store site, so check out the new merchandise when you get a chance!


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