It has been a while since I have penned an update to the fan club on Indigo
Girls upcoming events. Last time I did it, I mailed the notes to
everyone — that dates it. Over the last few years we have worked with
Artist Direct which has maintained our website and store. Artist Direct is
evolving into a record label so we have established a new site, with a new
server that is 100% Indigo Girls owned and operated. You can be assured that
all information on the site will be accurate and timely because the source
will be Amy and Emily and Russell Carter Artist Management.

Speaking personally, a chapter ends and a new chapter begins. Amy and Emily
have sung together for twenty-one years. They have recorded professionally
for Epic for over a dozen years. After many gold and platinum records, a set
of re-mastered and reissued early albums and a Retrospective it is time to
look ahead and turn our attention to the coming year. Believe me, it is
going to be exciting, productive, fulfilling and successful!

The new studio album is set for release the last week of February. It is
twelve new songs, all acoustic, recorded with the current band (Clare Kenny,
Carol Isaacs and Brady Blade). You may have heard some of the songs on the
summer tour in the earliest stages of their development – “You’ve Got to
Show”, “Deconstruction”, “She’s Saving Me”, “Nuevas Senoritas”, “Starkville”
and “Yield.” Others were developed in the studio: “Hope Alone”,
“Collecting You”, “Moment of Forgiveness”, “Trust”, “Bitterroot” and “Become
You”. The title of the new album is “Become You”.

I have said it about past records and I will say it again: this is the
best album Amy and Emily have recorded. It is produced by Peter Collins,
engineered by Glenn Matullo, mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob
Ludwig. It sounds incredible. I think their voices in particular are
recorded better than ever.

Starting in January, we will take the first single to radio starting at the
Triple A (Adult Alternative) format. I will post a list of all of the AAA
stations in each market and you can harass your local D.J. if he or she is
not playing the song. From Adult Alternative, we go to Modern Adult and
Adult Contemporary formats. Again, if you are interested I will let you
know what stations we are chasing after.

We have a five-track bonus CD that will be given away with the CD in a
limited quantity when it is first released. It may be available at certain
stores only. We are also looking into giving it away to anyone who
pre-orders the album. We will let you know when and where you can order it.
Just as an aside, my goal is to make everyone who has ever bought an Indigo
Girls record (how many of you are there? any guess?) well aware of the
release date well ahead of the time that it is being released in February.
Then it is the record company’s job to get it in stores and in the hands of
all of you.

On the touring front I can give you a general overview of our
plans. Details have been and will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.
Any specific dates that you may hear about before they are posted here are
unconfirmed and subject to change or simply inaccurate. Be assured that if
we post it here, it is official. The European dates are confirmed as posted.
The next tour will be a pre-release, preview the album, club tour. We are
finalizing these dates now. Next will be a series of college dates in late
March and April. Amy and Emily will then embark on a lengthy summer tour
starting in late May and extending through the summer. They may take a break
in the middle of it and perform some festivals in Europe. They will play
theater dates in the Fall. The club and college shows will be duo acoustic
and the summer ones will be with the band.

Do you have ideas for getting out the word on the new album? I
would love to hear them. Look for a
complete update of the site early next year. I expect to see you, your
friends and family out on road in 2002!

Best regards and happy holiday

© Indigo Girls 2016, All Rights Reserved