Live At The Uptown Lounge

  • Release date: 16-Nov-2004

Directed By Tamra Davis

The acclaimed, cult singer-songwriter duo, The Indigo Girls, are filmed live at the Uptown Lounge in 1990, the year their debut album stunned America with its sophistication and witty folk-rock tunes. Performing in their home town of Athens, Georgia, the Girls warmly go through a selection of a dozen songs, one of which features the talents of fellow Athens native (and R.E.M. front man) Michael Stipe. Between tracks, the performers candidly discuss their music and lives with each other and the audience.

Track Listing:
Closer To Fine
Secure Yourself
Lan of Canaan
Blood and Fire
Strange Fire
Prince Of Darkness
Crazy Games
Kid Fears
Welcome Me
Love’s Recovery
Get Together
All Along The Watchtower

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